Apple Search Ads Increase Revenue

Apple Search Ads are still fairly new to the advertising marketing channels but undeniably perform tremendously for advertisers. Apple Search Ads were first introduced to the market back in October 2016. The inception of this robust marketing channel enticed thousands of iOS developers and engineers. Apple Search Ads connect advertisers with the optimal target audience to boost installs and in-app purchases. Not only do Apple Search Ads display at the top of the search results but they help stay strong against existing and new competitors. Supplementally, this provides apps with relevancy points when gaining traction for its search query ranking results.

Why Apple Search Ads?

Apple Search Ads are a great way to get your product or service in front of a highly engaged user base, at a low cost and with high return.

Apple's user base is one of the most engaged on the internet. They are willing to spend money on products that they want or need. This makes them an ideal target for advertisers who want to increase their conversion rates and lower their advertising costs.

apple search ads top search result performance
Apple Search Ads: Top of Search Result

Targeting Options

  • Locations
  • Demographics - age, gender, trends, behaviors, and more
  • Device type - iOS vs iPadOS
  • Customer Attributes - displaying ads to new customers, existing customers, returning users, users from other apps, or to the general audience
  • Keywords - optimized keyword selection or Apple suggested values
  • Search Match - honing in on relevant search queries

Apple App Store Statistics

The iOS App Store was first launched in 2008 with 500 available apps. In today's digital world, there are more than seven million apps are available on iOS and Android platforms, spanning all niche genres of apps and games.  

These copious apps have allowed for enhancements in our everyday lives. Thanks to them, we can access all genres of music, meet significant others, share memes, document life, send money to friends and family, and so much more. Augmented reality apps are also changing the way we interact with the world.

Annual App Store Downloads (2015 to 2021)

  • 2015 - 64.4 billion
  • 2016 - 78.4 billion
  • 2017 - 95.1 billion
  • 2018 - 105.2 billion
  • 2019 - 115.1 billion
  • 2020 - 142.9 billion
  • 2021 - 143.6 billion

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Apple’s App Store is the largest mobile app store in the world, with millions of apps and games available to download. If you are ready to promote your app on the Apple App Store, contact Digital Bowl for an enhanced digital marketing strategy plan.