Google Advertising

Google's query-based advertising offers a bottom-of-funnel conversion solution. Paid search differs dramatically from any existing form of traditional, or digital advertising. Google's Digital Bowl mentality allows us to provide a list of recommended keywords, a suggested budget, and a plan of implementation to get you the most conversions for your business.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads, also referred to as Google AdWords, is Google's advertising system in which advertisers bid on selected keywords to have their clickable ads show in Google's search results. This is how Google gets revenue from searches because advertisers must pay for clicks. There is a lot to consider including the Google Ads auction and bidding process, as well as essential metrics such as Quality Score and cost-per-click.

Types of Google Ads

Before starting a sponsored campaign on Google Ads, we must analyze which of the three campaign types is best for your business: search, display, or video.

  • Search ads are text-only advertisements that appear alongside organic search results on a Google results page.
  • Display advertising is primarily image-based and appears on web pages that are part of the Google Display Network.
  • YouTube has video adverts that last between six and fifteen seconds.

How do Google Ads Work?

Identify Keywords: Depending on the search queries of the keywords and phrases we choose, your ads will rank higher and drive traffic on your website, apps and such. We'll make sure that the words we are bidding on are relevant to your website, business, app etc.

Enter a Google auction: When bidding on terms relevant to the user's search query, the Google advertising platform will analyze what is eligible to be included in an auction. Bids, Quality Score, and relevancy are all be considered when assessing your ad SERP eligibility.

Run in auction: When a search query is entered into Google, the search engine analyzes the request and launches the auction, which determines the ad locations and CPC (cost per click) for each advertiser.

Quality Score: After the auction begins, Google measures each ad by user experience, relevance to keyword and click through rate. Upon measuring the quality score, Google will rank the ad based on quality score and max bid. The highest Ad rank scorer ad will place higher on Google searches.

Pricing the Ads
: As ads rank, you will have to pay depending on the number of clicks you get on the ads.

Do Google Ads Work?

Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords we're bidding on, the relevancy of that keyword, and the real conversions, Google Ads may or may not work for your business. For the most part, we’ve found that Google Ads is extremely effective for many kinds of businesses.

Google Reward: Ad Group

Google favors advertisers who construct Google Ads campaigns with highly structured ad groups. A Google Ads ad group is a container for your Google Ads ads, keywords, and landing pages. It is critical to organize keywords into topics rather than dumping them all into the same ad group.

How is my Ad Doing on Google?

The easiest answer to see how you're doing with Google PPC is to compare results to similar advertisers in your industry and budget range. At Digital Bowl, we analyze Ads accounts across the web and industries. Upon comparing your ads with other ads of the same industry, we present you the reports on how much ROI your business is generating off the Ads on Google.

Although Google pay-per-click advertising is still text-based, businesses may take advantage of a plethora of capabilities to make their ads more attractive and appealing to prospective buyers. Advertisers can employ ad extensions, site links, social proofing such as user reviews, location targeting, shopping advertisements, and a slew of other capabilities, giving them an unprecedented amount of personalization and control.

Google has also produced ad formats suited to the specific demands of specific sorts of businesses, such as automakers and hotels, that go well beyond the conventional text-based ad experience and contain rich visual features such as high-resolution photos and interactive map data.

Whatever you offer or to whom you sell it, chances are there is an ad format or feature that will make your goods or services more appealing to your target market. Google is constantly introducing new ad formats and services, allowing advertisers to reach new audiences and generate new revenue.

Google Advertising Solutions

There is no such thing as a Google Ads campaign that doesn't work; there are only those that require a little more attention. By running Google Ads with Digital Bowl, you will have everything you need to construct a successful Google Ad campaign that drives clicks and converts leads using the strategy and information provided above. Contact us today to investigate and plan what strategy will optimally drive paid traffic to your business.