Reliable Website Hosting and Maintenance

What is reliable website hosting and maintenance?

Website hosting is the process of providing a server and bandwidth for a website to be live on the world wide web. Website maintenance is about keeping the website content up to date, fixing bugs and security issues, and making sure that it's performing well. These two important factors play a huge role in the health and long term growth of your company website. Reliable website hosting and maintenance provides:

  • 99.99% server uptime
  • Verified SSL certificates
  • Routine website audits to ensure CMS and database file health
  • Limited backend access to unqualified users
  • Plugin and framework monitoring for critical updates
  • and more

Digital Bowl offers reliable web hosting services with no downtime and impeccable performance. They have built a reputation for being one of the most dependable and affordable providers in the industry. Digital Bowl provides reliable website hosting and maintenance for all business sizes.

The dangers of unreliable website hosting and maintenance

The possible dangers of unreliable website hosting can make your company and its website lose customers and trackable revenue.

  • Website Offline: Your website will be unavailable to your customers, which will lead to a loss of trackable revenue.
  • Hacked Database: Hackers can get access to the data on your site and steal it. They might also be able to modify the content on your site, which can affect the SEO value of your site.
  • Hacked Web Files: If hackers are able to get access to the content of your site, they might be able to inject their own code into it in order to infect visitors with malware or spyware or redirect them elsewhere on the web (phishing attacks).
  • Insecure Browsing: If you use a free service for hosting or one without valid SSL certificates, you may not have as much control over how secure your webpages are because these services.

Choosing the right website hosting business solution

There are various website hosting and website maintenance providers but none like Digital Bowl. The utmost professionalism and performance is to be expected with their website maintenance and hosting service. They assist business sizes ranging from start ups to multi-franchise entities. They also offer website design and development for brand new businesses before hosting and maintenance is even required. Contact Digital Bowl today to inquire about the right website business solution for you!